The MASE commission issues certification valid for one to three years renewable.

The Business Security Improvement Manual is a common MASE and UIC repository. This concept of “quality” appeared in France in the 1990s, its objective is to define by convention a universal approach applicable to both production and service companies.

Training and understanding of each other’s role is critical to the success of a common certification project. I can also intervene on short-term assignments in order to update quality documents such as the Unique Risk Assessment Document, (Mandatory in all companies from an employee).

certification process

Schematic of the steps to obtain the common system certification MASE / UIC.

Launch meeting

Administrator / Company

Establishment of the SSE system


Preliminary meeting for the audit

Administrator / Company

Certification audit

Auditor / Company

Presentation of the results of the audit to the steering committee


Certification decision

Steering Committee